Chapter Roll

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Past Undergraduate Chapters

Chapter College/University
Alpha City College of New York
Beta New York College of Dentistry
Gamma New York University
Delta Columbia University
Epsilon Boston University
Zeta Harvard University
Eta Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Theta Illinois Institute of Technology
Iota University of Pennsylvania
Kappa University of Cincinnati
Lambda University of Chicago
Mu Vanderbilt University
Nu University of Michigan
Xi Northwestern University
Omicron Ohio State University
Pi University of Illinois
Rho University of Texas
Sigma University of Southern California
Tau Lehigh University
Upsilon University of North Dakota
Phi University of Minnesota
Chi University of California, Los Angeles
Psi Carnegie – Mellon University
Omega University of Manitoba
Tau Alpha Colby College
Tau Beta Cornell University
Tau Gamma Rutgers University
Gamma Upsilon New York University at the Heights
Tau Delta University of Arizona
Tau Epsilon New Jersey Institute of Technology
Tau Zeta Syracuse University
Tau Eta Loyola University
Tau Theta Norwich University
Tau Iota Rutgers University, Newark
Tau Kappa Queens College
Tau Lambda Alfred University
Tau Mu University of Miami
Tau Nu Lehman College
Tau Xi Long Island University
Tau Omicron Temple University
Tau Pi Roosevelt University
Tau Rho Brooklyn College
Tau Sigma Pratt Institute
Tau Tau Pennsylvania State University
Tau Upsilon Michigan State University
Tau Phi Seton Hall University
Alpha Delta Baruch College
Tau Chi University of Illinois, Chicago
Tau Psi C.W. Post College of Long Island University
Tau Omega Corpus Chrisi State University
Delta Beta University of Maryland
Delta Gamma Widener University
Delta Delta Polytechnic University, Brooklyn
Delta Epsilon William Paterson College
Delta Zeta Polytechnic University, Farmingdale
Delta Eta The Cooper Union
Delta Theta State University of New York, Stonybrook
Delta Iota Ramapo College of New Jersey
Delta Kappa Richard Stockton College
Delta Lambda Virginia Polytechnic University
Delta Mu Polytechnic University (Combined)
Delta Nu Christopher Newport University
Delta Xi Caldwell College
Delta Omicron George Mason University
Delta Pi Montclair State University