Famous Alumni


Tau Delta Phi has fostered many men. Yet, in any group of men there are those that stand out. There are those that excel above the rest and those that have reached attainment within their respective industry or field of work. These men are diverse in character, personality, and ethnicity. Where others denied brotherhood to ceratin types individuals, Tau Delta Phi did not. These famous alumni are reflective of the diverse brotherhood of Tau Delta Phi. Tau Delta Phi helped foster these men through the opportunities it provdies within the realms of leadership, social experiences, diversity, brootherhood, and tradition. For a brother once said…

“Membership in Tau Delta Phi is, however, for life.”

Art & Architecture

S. Charles Lee, Lambda-Architecture-One of the most prolific and distinguished motion picture theater designers on the West Coast. Lee designed over 400 theaters. Most famous were the Tower Theatre in Los Angeles, Fresno’s Tower Theatre, and the Bruin Theatre.

Henry, Jerome, & Myron Minskoff, Tau-Established and built historic Minskoff Theatre. It is located at 45th & Broadway in New York City. It attracts major such as Rent, Riverdance, Copenhagen , Chicago, Titanic, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Will Rogers Follies, Sunset Boulevard, Saturday Night Fever, Beauty and the Beast and Aida. As well their architectual firm built many multi-story buildings

Evan Frankel, Gamma- Architecture- Responsible for building many homes in the Hamptons

Jonathan Borofsky, Psi – Artist- World famous modern artist. His sculptures and paintings can be found in the finest museums across the globe.

Sports Legends

Bert Manhoff, Tau Gamma- Faculty at Rutgers (Newark) and ran state wide physical education program for New Jersey public schools. He was named a distiguished alumnus of Rutgers University. In National Football Hall of Fame for his days as a high school coach.

Floyd D. Little, Tau Zeta– Sports-Syracuse All-American and Halfback for the Denver Broncos. He was first 1,000 yard running back in franchise history.
Jay Horwitz, Gamma-Sports– Mets Press & PR Director.

Nat Holman, Alpha– Sports– Played with Original Celtics (1920-28); coached CCNY to both NCAA and NIT titles in 1950, 423 career wins. In NBA Hall of Fame.

Lou Rossini, Gamma-Sports– NYU Basketball Coach, led NYU to three 3 NCAA tournaments birth and one Final Four appearance in 1960.

Donald Spitzer, Alpha-Sports-Played basketball for CCNY under Nat Holman.

Guy Rodgers, Tau Omicron- Sports- Temple University All-American and Professional Basketball player.

Irv Bemoras, Pi-Sports-Illinois Basketball All-American.

Len Berman, Tau Zeta- Sports Broadcasting- WNBC sports analyst and sports broadcaster for NBC Sports.

Jay Horwitz, Gamma-Sports– Mets Press & PR Director.

Journalism & Writing

Alfred Smart, Xi-Writer/Publisher-Along with brother David founded Esquire, Inc which writes and publishes Esquire magazine. Alfred Smart has a museum named for him at the University of Chicago called the David and Alfred Smart Museum.

Dr. Herman A. Estrin, Tau Epsilon-Education-Emeritus professor of English at the New Jersey Institute of Technology

Geraldo Rivera- National-Television Journalism- Famous TV Broadcast Journalist

Shelly Frome, Tau Mu-Mystery author of the book, Lilac Moon

Dr. Julian Haber, Tau Mu- Author of Several books on child psychology, including ADHD: The Great Misdiagnosis. He is currently working on a fiction book.

Dr. Ernest Samuels- Pulitzer Prize winner for his Biography of Henry Adams.

Henry X. Saltzberger- Founded Reading and Radio Resource. Edited “Talking Books” for the Library of Congress.

Irv Kupcinet, Tau Xi- Award winning author of Kup’s Column in the Chicago-Sun Times. He now rests in chapter eternal where his wife, a chapter sweetheart, said goodbye to Tau Delta Phi in his final column she wrote for him.

Herbert F. Simons- Tau Xi- Chicago sportswriter who served on its National Executive Concil for 2 years. Write for the Chicago Journal, Chicago Daily Times and Covered both White Sox / Cubs.  He was the Baseball Digest editor & publisher from 1943-68.

Science & Technology

Dr. Joseph Kaplan, Chi-Geophysicist & UCLA Professor– Helped found the studies of geophysics & meteorology. He also worked for NASA on the first moon landings and first space missions.

Dr. Isaac J. Shoenberg, Tau Alpha- Mathematician known for the theory of Spline Functions


Dr. Selman A. Waksman (Pictured), Tau Gamma-Chemist-Won Nobel Prize for development of streptomycin which virtually ended the terrors and miseries of tuberculosis.

Dr. Leo M. Davidoff, Zeta-Medicine- Director of Neurosurgery, Beth Israel Hospital, Chief Neurosurgeon, Mount Sinai Hospital, Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery, New York University School of Medicine.


Monroe Milstein -Business-CEO, Founder, & Chairman of Burglington Coat Factory which is the largest coat retailer distributor in the United States

Jack D. Weiler, Iota- Real Estate- New York City’s most prominent realtor in the 1960s and 1970s.

Tony Sasso, Tau Iota-Business/Real Estate-Senior Vice President of Maryland National Mortgage Corporation

Marc Barricini, Tau Alpha-Buiness-Founder of Barricini Inc. manufactures box chocolates and other confectionery products. The Company’s confectionery products include taffy, cookies, coconut candies, and solid chocolate bars.

Nat Rogers, Gamma-Founded Univar which is now the largest chemical distributor in the world as it operates in over 16 countries worldwide.

David Sarnoff, Tau Zeta (Pictured)– Electronics Researcher/Business-CEO of RCA and pioneered the ideas of radio and television for home use. Founded the National Broadcasting Company (NBC).

Victor H. Miles, Iota- Law-Manager Environmental Health & Safety, Duracell Inc.

Marvin Lender, Gamma-Business- Founders of Lender’s Bagels

Frederic M. Dressler, Tau Zeta- Busines- Current VP of Time Warner Inc., the largest communications company in the world.

R. Ross Love, Tau Zeta – Former VP of Proctor and Gamble and current CEO of Blue Chip Enterprises (largest African-American entertainment company) and social activist.

Joe Buckstein, Tau Xi’65- Former Tau Delta Phi undergraduate of the year. He is CEO of Geneva Worldwide, Inc., one of New York’s a largest translation and interpreting services.The company employs 400 language professions providing services in more than 200 languages to both government and private entities

Kenneth and Richard Etra, Tau‘71- Brothers from Tau chapter played basketball all four years at Lehigh. They curently own Camp Pontiac which is the largest sleep-over summer camp for children in New York state. It currently employs a staff of 350 individuals and has more than 550 campers.

Jack Barnett, Tau ’54- Former Consul of his chapter who became a Lehigh University trustee. The financial aid building is nicknamed the “Barnett House” in his honor. He is also responsible for numerous charitable donations to Lehigh University. He is was a general founder of First Manhattan, the largest financial analyst group in the country.

Nissie Grossman, Tau Alpha’32- Former president of Grossman’s which was the largest lumber company in the Northeast. He was also a University Trustee of Colby College and one of the Founder’s of his chapter.

William H. Goldfarb, Tau Alpha’68- CEO of HRW Resources, Inc. which is a real estate and investment firm. He is currently a University Trustee at Colby College.

Alexander Baris- Named “Mr. Tau Delta Phi.” Owner of the largest shoe manufacturers in New York City during the first half of the Twentieth century.


Col. Bernard Bernstein (Pictured), Delta– Military-WWII hero. Won Congressional Medal of Honor.

Ira Wolfert, Delta– Writer/War Correspondent– Won Pulitzer Prize for WWII news reporting

Bernard Weiss, Gamma’56- Two Star General in the United States Airforce.


Hubert Humphrey, Phi-Politics-Former Vice President of the United States

Hebert C. Klein, Tau Gamma-Government-Democrat Representative, NJ

Jackson J., Holtz, Epsilon-Government– Democratic Mass. State Representative and Assistant United States Attorney

Albert Isen, Sigma-Politics-Mayor of Torrence, California. Is resposible for its current condition as a modern city.

Irving Shore, Chi- Politics-Republican Congressman in California

Honorable Charles Joseph- Judge in Jersey City, NJ and former NJ State assemblyman

Honorable Theodore Taukus, Tau Delta- Former Mayor of Ringwood, NU

Milton Shalleck, Iota- Lawyer, served on the South Pacific Commission under President Harry Truman

Kinky Friedman, Rho- Social activist and comedian who ran was a Texas gubenatorial candidate in 2006


Honorable Charles Breitel, Nu-Law–Judge

Honorable Irwin D. Davidson, Gamma-Law–Judge

Honorable Hugo Pam, Lambda-Law– Judge

Honorable Sidney Sugarman, Epsilon-Law-Judge

Honorable Norman S. Winnet, Zeta-Law-Judge

Milton Shalleck, Iota-Law-Lawyer, served on the The South Pacific Commission under Pres. Harry Truman

Adolph Feldblum, Delta– Law-Public attorney and advisor to Franklin D. Roosevelt

Emile Zola Berman, Gamma-Law-Public defender and attorney to Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan

Herbert Wechsler, Alpha- Harlam Fiske Stone Professor of Constitutional Law at Colombia University.

Milt Gray, Tau Xi-Founder of Chicago’s large legal firm, Altheimer & Gray.

Howard Silver, Alpha’56- New York Supreme Court Judge

Henry Silver, Gamma’56- First African American to pledge and also become initiated into a fraternity at New York University. One of the first succesful African-American lawyers in the New York metropolitan area.


Tony Roberts(Pictured) , Tau Zeta- Broadway Preformer/Actor- Movies: Serpico, Play It Again, Sam, Annie Hall, Stardust Memories, A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy, Hannah and Her Sisters, and Radio Days, Annie Hall.

Sammy Davis Jr (Pictured), Tau Zeta-Singer/Entertainment

Eddie Cantor (Pictured), National– Singer/Songwriter- Hosted a radio show and wrote musicals Whopee, Palmy Days, The Kid from Spain, Roman Scandals, Kid Millions, Strike Me Pink. He also wrote the Warner Brothers Theme Song which appears before all “Looney Tunes” animated shorts.

Jerry Stiller (Pictured), Tau Zeta-Actor-Sienfeld, King of Queens

Gil Cates, Tau Zeta- Producer/Director-Directed Academcy Awards for over 20 years for NBC. Dean, UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television from 1990 – 1997. Uncle of Actress Phoebe Cates. Directed many movies for NBC.

Bud Yorkin (Pictured), Psi– Director/Producer/Screenwriter– TV show: Sanford & Son, All in the Family, What’s Happening!. Movies: Intersection, Blade Runner, Twice in a Lifetime, Love Hurts, For the Boys, Never Too Late, Arthur 2: On the Rocks.

Larry Frisch, Sigma-Director/Producer/Screenwriter-Movies: Tel Aviv Taxi, The Pillar of Fire, Casablan

Irving Rapper, Gamma-Director/Producer/Screenwriter-Movies: Born Again , The Christine Jorgensen Story , Pontius Pilate, The Story of Joseph and His Brethren, The Miracle, Marjorie Morningstar, Strange Intruder – Director , The Brave On, Bad for Each Other, Another Man’s Poison, The Glass Menagerie, Rhapsody in Blue , Now, Voyager

Dore Schary, National-Director/Producer/Screenwriter, Head of MGM Studios-Battleground, Boys Town, Sunrise at Campobello, Designing Women, Adventure in Baltimore.

Sidney Boehm, Alpha- Director/Producer- Producer for 20th Century Fox

Frank Satenstein, Tau Beta-Director/Producer- Wrote and directed “The Honeymooners”

Nat Brusiloff-Famous Violinist, Director of CBS Radio during the 1920s

Dr. Harry A. Broadd, Lambda- Western artist