October 7, 2011

Dear Prospective Expansion Candidate:

Tau Delta Phi is a national fraternity founded in 1910 at New York University and the City College of New York. Tau Delta Phi Fraternity is a member of the North American Interfraternity Conference, and originally joined this prestigious organization in 1922.  Throughout our history, we have been a Fraternity of firsts: The first fraternity on several campuses, the first historically Jewish fraternity to allow membership by any man (which we did in 1934), and the first fraternity to truly promote inter-chapter relationships.

Our reputation of an enduring national presence precedes us. We believe in the individually of our members, in the values our fraternity espouses, and in the educational responsibility of our men. What sets Tau Delta Phi apart from other fraternities is that the TauDelt spirit (the guiding spirit of our founders) exists within very close-knit chapters who interact with one another. Each chapter connects with other chapters and we operate as one cohesive organization.  We have a strong alumni spirit, and our brothers also network with one another and support each other professionally after college.

We believe that our members own their own education; their education is not our property.  However, we believe that it is our responsibility to help them invest in it. While our members are enrolled in college it is our responsibility, in partnership with the college, to help guide, mentor, and contribute to their social development within their educational process. Our members are in college foremost to grow as an individual and to get the education that will make them successful in life. We see our Fraternity as a basis for persistence towards graduation.

Welcome to the Tau Delta Phi Fraternity expansion website!   Please browse around to find out more about Tau Delta Phi and learn how you can tap into the Tau Delt Spirit and bring Tau Delta Phi to your campus!  If you have any questions or are interested in more information, please fill out the “contact us” form located on the expansion website, please email us at expansion@taudelt.net, or you can call us at 1-877-TAU-DELT (828-3358).



Christopher R. Lundy

Grand Vice Consul

Tau Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc.