“Real leadership means that you help direct the energy, you point the way, you inspire, you get people to do what they ought to do anyway.”
- Frater Hubert H. Humphrey

Leadership for a Tau Delta Phi frater can be described as the ability of an individual to influence,motivate, and enable others to contribute toward the effectiveness and success of the whole.

Fraternities are lead by exceptional men who stand above the rest to lead. With realistic and tangible goals in place, their leadership skills can command the fraternity to the desired levels of success and brotherhood. Leaders make the men around them better. Where the buck stops with the Consul, leadership and responsibility is the job of every frater in the chapter.

With a comprehensive understanding of the duties of every officer in the Fraternity and the role they play, members can cooperate fully. When a new choice of leaders is imminent they will be able to judge who are best qualified to serve in each position. Leaders need to make impersonal decisions on merit rather than on intimate friendships in any decision: elections, judgments, etc.

To be a leader of a chapter, one must take great pride and respect in the history, traditions, rules and guidelines that were left before them. Leaders need to learn to play the game by the rules and look towards the ends rather than the means.