Start an Alumni Chapter

An Alumni Chapter is a group working together to foster the Tau Delt spirit among alumni of many generations. An alumni chapter is chartered either as a chapter-based or area-based Alumni Chapter. Alumni Chapters plan social and philanthropic events just like a chapter, and many Alumni Chapters award scholarships to collegiate members. 

Regardless of whether it’s chapter-based or area-based, an Alumni Chapter is part of the Grand Chapter and gets one vote at the annual Grand Chapter meetings.

Purpose of Alumni Chapters

A Tau Delta Phi Alumni Chapter has a variety of purposes and may be different based on the individual cahpters’ preference. The main focus areas for an alumni chapters are generally among the following:

  • Host Social Events & Networking with Alumni Members of Tau Delta Phi in a Specific Area
  • Mentor A Local Chapter or Local Chapters of Tau Delta Phi
  • Create Scholarship Opportunities for Members
  • Perform Community Service
  • Involvement in Philanthropic Causes like Raising Money for Active Minds, Inc.
  • Continuing Education and Personal Development
  • Communicate with Members of Tau Delta Phi in a Specific Area

Currently we have three active alumni chapters for Tau Epsilon (NJIT), Delta Iota (Ramapo), and Delta Sigma (Rowan).


The requirements to charter an alumni chapter are listed in the Fraternity By-Laws:

Section 100. Alumni Chapters of the fraternity may be organized with the approval of the Executive Council or the Grand Chapter.

Section 101. Each such alumni chapter, if in good standing, shall be entitled to representation in the Grand Chapter.

Section 102. Each Alumni Chapter shall promptly transmit to the National Office the names and addresses of its officers, immediately upon their election, and regular reports of its meeting and activities; and annually file with the National Office a roster of its members and their addresses.

Section 103. Such alumni chapters may be organized in any locality where five or more alumni fraters, regardless of undergraduate chapter affiliation, reside.

Section 104. After preliminary organization, a petition for recognition may be filed with the Executive Council. If in the opinion of the Executive Council, the alumni chapter will serve the best interests of the fraternity and the members of the alumni chapter, the Executive Council may grant it a charter upon payment of a charter fee.

Section 105. No Alumni Chapter shall be entitled to representation in the Grand Chapter unless it shall have been chartered as herein provided, filed reports required hereunder, and all of its members shall have paid Active Membership Fees for the current calendar year.

Section 106. The following shall be applied in determining the qualification and prerequisite responsibilities of Chartering an Alumni Chapter of Tau Delta Phi Fraternity.

  1. Publication of 2 Newsletters for the Alumni in a calendar year.
  2. Hold at least one annual social event.
  3. Produce an Annual Report
  4. Organize one project for the benefit of the Fraternity.
  5. Minimum of 15 members in good standing. Open to members of chapters without an Alumni Chapter of their own, and to relocated brothers.
  6. Constitution
  7. Chartering Fee of $1,000.
  8. Each Alumni Chapter be assessed a yearly $250, flat fee to be billed on January 1st.

(Amended by the 2016 Grand Chapter)

Getting Started

Alumni Interest

The first step in the formation of an Alumni Chapter in your area is to form an interest group and a steering committee. The interest group is for any members of Tau Delta Phi that are simply interested in getting involved in an Alumni Chapter and wish to participate in the events, aid the local chapter(s), and/or receive communications. The steering committee is for those member of Tau Delta Phi that are interested in coming up with the ideas for the events, planning the events, communicating with members, being the point man/men, working with the National Office and Executive Council and/or aiding in the logistics.


If you, or other Tau Delts you know, are interested in starting an Alumni Chapter in your area, start to gather names and contact information, and contact the National Office for assistance.

Begin the Process

Email us at to inquire about starting your own Alumni Chapter.