Chapter, Colony, and Alumni Resources

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Tau Delta Phi Chapter Support is simple and straight forward.  Our belief is that “A well enlightened chapter or national administration makes for good fraternity morale.”  This statement, coupled with our vision and our mission drive our direction in the performance of services to our chapters and colony.  Additional Chapter and Colony resources can be found on our Members-Only Resources Page.  Fraters should sign up using the button above; members-only access will be granted after confirming your initiation status.

Chapter and Colony Resources

The current services that Tau Delta Phi offers to its chapters and colonies are:

  1. An annual leadership institute offered free of charge for all members who would like to attend, the Pyramid Leadership Institute.  
  2. Annual chapter visitations to each chapter from National Headquarters staff; colonies receive two visits per semester. 
  3. Visits by the Executive Council and Grand Consul at least once per term. 
  4. Alumni networking activities and opportunities.
  5. Scholarship grants for specific purposes from our Foundation.
  6. Campus support structures: Tau Delta Phi has committed itself to providing campus programming to our host campuses at the request of the student affairs staff.  
  7. We participate in regional meetings and national meetings for organizations such as the Fraternal Executives Association, the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors, the North American Inter-fraternity Conference, and Northeast Greek Leadership Association.

Tau Delta Phi continues to add new structural programming that impacts the leadership and personal development for our brothers. Since 2012, we have implemented a membership education program that bases itself upon continual enrichment throughout a brother’s membership called Pyramid Development Program.

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